Juniors and Youth Girls Registration

2022 Juniors and Youth Girls Registrations are now open

Active Kids Voucher

Parents can claim up to $100 per NSW-based school child with a Active Kids voucher to reduce the cost of registration for the 2022 season.

If you need more information on downloading and using your Active Kids Voucher when registering with Forest Lions, click here – How to Use your Active Kids Voucher.

Registration Fees

Payments are to be made at the end of the registration process.

 Child 1 $200
 Child 2 $160
 Child 3 $140
 then each extra child free


Important Information about the Registration Process

Family Registrations – registering multiple children

To receive family discounts you must register all children within the one session. Enter the number of children at the beginning of the registration process. The system will process each child then payment will come up at the end of the process.

Returning Players

Once you have been directed to the Sports Pulse Registration website, you will be asked to enter your email address.  Please try to use the same email address as last year so the system can recognise you. You can then update your email contacts once you are in the registration system. If this is not possible, please contact the Registrar at registrar@forestafl.com.au before registering as we can update the database with your new email address. Otherwise, the system will assume you are a New Player.

Transferring Players

Please advise us by email if you are transferring from another club. This information is essential as permission may need to be sought from the AFL Regional Committee and originating Club.


How to use your NSW Governments Active Kids Voucher

The NSW Government runs an ‘Active Kids Voucher’ program. This program aims to provide each school aged child (Kindergarten – Year 12) access to a voucher to the value of $100 to be used to subsidise sporting club registrations.

Further information is available at https://sport.nsw.gov.au/sectordevelopment/activekids.

How to Download the Voucher

1.Login to the service NSW website
2.Sign Up or Login to an existing account
3.You then need to enter the details of each child as they appear on your Medicare card, your card number, expiry date, DOB of your child, suburb you live in and the school your child goes to, their height and weight etc.
4.Your voucher is then emailed to the email address that is your Service NSW username. The voucher number is 16 digits long. You can then click on apply for another voucher if you have more than one eligible child.

How to use the voucher when registering

1.During the registration process you will be prompted to enter your voucher number when registering your child.
2.The participant enters the voucher number and upon verification of your valid voucher, the $100 is deducted from the registration fee.
3.The Participant pays the remaining balance.