On-Line Registration


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Registrations for the Forest Lions U17 BOYS are now CLOSED

Registrations for the Forest Lions U15 GIRLS are now CLOSED



All registrations must be made using the AFL's sanctioned online registration system.

As a general rule, if your child is turning 5 - 8, you need to register in Auskick but if you are unsure or think this does not apply to you, please contact us before registering.

Please read the registration information below then select the appropriate registration scenario to continue. If you have any questions on the registration process, then please email our registrar by clicking here Registrar  

Important :  Before registering, please read the information below regarding the 

NSW Governments Active Kids Voucher in 2018.



NSW Governments Active Kids Voucher in 2018

The NSW Government has announced a new ‘Active Kids Voucher’ program. This program aims to provide each school aged child (Kindergarten – Year 12) access to a voucher to the value of $100 to be used to subsidise sporting club registrations.   

AFL NSW/ACT actively encourages all participants to register for 2018 now. However the voucher will  not be available to use until 31 Jan 2018. Any participant planning to use the voucher in 2018 simply needs to register now, and then return to activate the voucher and pay from 1 February 2018.  Do not pay anything online until after 31st January 2018 as this will make you ineligible to use the voucher.

The NSW Active Kids $100 voucher can be downloaded from the Service NSW website. More details can be found here. The voucher will reduce the registration cost to you by $100 per child.



How to download the voucher

1.Login to the service NSW website
2.Sign Up or Login to an existing account
3.You then need to enter the details of each child as they appear on your Medicare card, your card number, expiry date, DOB of your child, suburb you live in and the school your child goes to, their height and weight etc

Your voucher is then emailed to the email address that is your Service NSW username. The voucher number is 16 digits long. You can then click on apply for another voucher if you have more than one eligible child.

You will need to enter your voucher number when registering your child below.

If you need any help in downloading your voucher you can use the live chat on the website or call Service NSW on 13 77 88.


How to use the voucher when registering

PROCESS 1: Participant DOES NOT wish to redeem the Active Kids voucher:

The participant registers as per the normal process and pays the full fee at the completion of the registration process. Register Online Here

PROCESS 2: Participant DOES want to redeem a voucher:

The participant registers as normal (Blue box Below) and during the registration process you will be prompted to answer the question about their desire to redeem a voucher. Select YES.

Before January 31st: The participant finishes the registration process but Does Not Pay the registration fee and is considered registered but non-financial. It is then the requirement of the participant post January 31 to login, redeem their voucher and pay any remaining fees associated with their registration.

After January 31st:  The participant enters the voucher number and the $100 is deducted from the registration fee. The Participant pays the remaining balance.


Register Online HERE

Registration Scenario Option Action
New and Returning Players U9 to U17 & Youth Girls Click Here Follow prompts to register and pay.
Transferring Players Other Club to ForestAFL Click Here Email for a transfer to Forest AFL
Auskick Players Auskick  Click Here Follow prompts to initiate registration


Important Information about the Registration Process

If registering more than one player, always select 1 child for the first player, 1 child for the second etc.. In this way you will be charged the correct amount.

Once you have been directed to the Fox Sports Registration website, you will be asked to enter your email address.

Returning Players: Please try to use the same email address as last year so the system can recognise you. If this is not possible, please contact us before registering as we can update the database with your new email address. Otherwise, the system will assume you are a New Player.

Transferring Players: Please advise us by email if you are transferring from another club. This information is essential as permission may need to be sought from the AFL Regional Committee and originating Club.


Registration Fees

Payments are to be made at the end of the registration process. Cash and cheque payments will only be accepted at the face-to-face registration days.

Multiple children can be a combination of Auskick and older children.


Auskick    $100
Junior-One Player   $190
Junior-Two Players   $290
Junior-Three+ Players   $390
All Youth Girls   $100


Registration Assistance and Information Days

Information days will be held at Glenrose Shopping Centre.

Saturday 3rd February from  9am to 2pm and

Sunday 4th February from 10am to 2pm

All registrations must be made online but committee members will be available at Glenrose Shopping Centre to answer any questions and assist with online registrations.

Player jumpers are provided by the club but shorts and socks will also be available to purchase for new and returning players.